Popular Ceremony Venues

Popular Lake Tahoe Wedding Locations

Couple holding hands at Emerald Bay

Because of the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe and its diverse settings, selecting an ideal wedding location for your ceremony presents a lot of choices. To help you with selecting the perfect spot for your special day, we created a list of a few popular wedding locations. Of course, you can always choose to have your ceremony at any of our other wedding venues we have listed if you prefer because all of our ceremony sites are quite exceptional with each having a beauty of its own. It’s all up to you…it’s your special day!

In keeping it simple for you and based on their popularity as determined by brides and grooms of the past, here are some top choices.

Tahoe’s Best Beach Sites: Lakeside Beach and Regan Beach

Lakeside Beach

Beautiful background of Lakeside Beach displayedA perfect spot for a toes-in-the-sand affair and one of Tahoe’s best wedding sites is Lakeside Beach. As the name implies, your ceremony will take place on the waterfront, presenting a spectacular backdrop for your once in a lifetime event. The tri-colored lake surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range bestows one of the most striking views in Tahoe, allowing your walk down the aisle to be one of extraordinary caliber.

Centrally located in the heart of town resting on the edge of Nevada, Lakeside Beach is a private resort that offers exclusive use for you and your guests. This tranquil and captivating setting consists of a spacious area that’s very suitable for large parties of formal or informal attire.

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Regan Beach

Couple getting married at Regan Beach

A favorite spot along the south shore offering plenty of amenities for your wedding day is Regan Beach. This appealing ceremony venue is preferred not only because of its beautiful setting and convenient access, but also because it features varied options of where your ceremony can take place.

Sunset at Regan Beach

One area of this prime locale that’s picture-perfect for weddings is on the grassy knoll under the pine trees, ideal for a summer event in the shade. It is slightly elevated above the shoreline, offering a birds-eye view of the fantastic backdrop that consists of the tricolored lake and grand Sierras, an impeccable scene for the nuptial celebration and photographic session afterwards. This portion of Regan Beach can be reserved for private use and is an excellent spot for large wedding parties.

Near the grassy knoll area just a short jaunt away is the shoreline of Lake Tahoe. Great for small gatherings with intimate appeal, this alternate lakeside beach setting is the ideal place for the bride and groom who want a toes-in-the-sand affair at the water’s edge.

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The Best on the Bluff: Emerald Bay and Logan Shoals

Emerald Bay

Celebrating your special day on the bluff of Emerald Bay will be a most exhilarating experience and one that will be remembered forever. Brides and grooms are awed at first sight of the panoramic view of Lake Tahoe with the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountain Range surrounding the alpine lake.

Bride overlooking Emerald Bay

Couples from around the globe come to Lake Tahoe aspiring to marry, and many of them find themselves exchanging their vows while towering three hundred feet above the bay. The photo opportunity provided is unsurpassed.

Emerald Bay has been an awesome experience for many couples, and this venue is one of the most popular wedding locations in Lake Tahoe. It is especially favored for its intimate setting, geared mainly for small groups.

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Logan Shoals

Married couple after ceremony at Logan Shoals Vista Point

Very similar to Emerald Bay, Logan Shoals is another popular wedding site that is significantly elevated above the water, providing striking aerial views of the lake. It is an appreciably likeable environment for engaged couples to exchange their vows and be pronounced husband and wife. The sheltered mountainside nook produces a very private setting.

Logan Shoals is especially suited for sunset weddings due to being situated on the east side of the lake. When conditions are right, the prominent reddish hue of an alpenglow sunset is an amazing site, and one that will be long remembered. Logan Shoals is one of our few Nevada wedding locations and is one of our most romantic and intimate venues offered for a very special occasion.

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