Questions to Ask Your Wedding Cake Designer

The bride and groom cutting their wedding cake at the receptionThe cutting of the cake at the wedding reception is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Today, the ritual of slicing and feeding the first piece to each other is still a commonly practiced custom, and the subsistence of the symbolic cake at the event is considered as a virtually essential element of inclusion by most contemporary brides and grooms. Although the meaning of what the wedding cake symbolizes has changed over the years, the importance of the presence of the cake at the wedding remains the same. Therefore, scrutinizing diligently the designer of your wedding cake is prudent.

Tradition has it that the bride and groom feed the cake to one another

Though it was once a symbol of fertility during medieval times, the wedding cake now represents the beginning of the newlywed’s married life and the commitment they have made to one another. Such significance placed upon the wedding cake allows good cause for you to be inquisitive when meeting with your baker.

Following is a list of questions you may want to ask:

  • Do you have photos we can see of various wedding cakes that you’ve made?
  • Are we able to sample the different cakes and fillings?
  • For the amount of guests that we have, how big of a cake will we need?
  • Do you have suggestions on how many tiers the cake should have?
  • Could each tier or layer be of different flavors or fillings?
  • Can you use ingredients that will meet our dietary or religious requirements?
  • Can fresh flowers safely be placed on the cake?
  • Would you be able to incorporate our theme into the wedding cake?
  • Can you add caricatures of the bride and groom on any of your designs?
  • What will be the total price of the cake?
  • Is delivery and setup extra or part of the total price?

The bride smashes the wedding cake into the face of the groom

These are just a few of the questions you may want to consider asking your cake designer, and probably you will have a few more once you meet. When your loved one feeds you the first piece during the cutting, it’s one romantic moment that will impress a memory upon you for a very long time. For that reason, you’ll want a wedding cake that expressly represents your very special day, a traditionally important symbol of the vows you have made and the beginning of your new lives together.

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