Wedding Planning – The Do’s and Don’ts

Playful bride and bridesmaidWhen it comes to wedding planning there is definitely a surplus of things you must do in order to have a fruitful event. However, there is also an inventory of things you probably should not do. Compiled below is a list of a few details that you ought to do and a few that you should avoid doing, both of which are commonly overlooked during the initial stages of fashioning the ritual.

The Do’s List

  • Do give thought to guests that have small children. If you prefer not to have children attend the event, ask the manager in charge of the wedding site if there is a room or play area available to rent. If so, hire a professional babysitter to accommodate those with kids. Parents will appreciate the kind concern very much.
  • Do browse to each table during the reception to express your appreciation to all the guests for attending your special occasion.
  • Do present a gift to the members of your wedding party as an expression of gratitude for their presence at your celebration and for the efforts they applied to make it happen.
  • Do be sure to select and secure the wedding site at least nine to twelve months in advance, especially if the wedding is to take place during the summer season when availability sharply declines.
  • Do make selection of the caterer a priority. The quality of food at the banquet is crucial to its success because it will leave a lasting impression among those invited to the meal.
  • Do be timely in sending out thank you letters to all the attendees.
  • Do be realistic when choosing a wedding gown based on anticipated weight loss. A dress can always be taken in much easier than letting it out if your goal was not achieved.
  • Do invite guests to both the ceremony and reception if possible in order to avoid hurt feelings.

The Don’ts List

  • Don’t disregard the fact that you need to pamper yourself at completion of all your hard work put forth in planning your wedding. The day before you marry, treat yourself, your mom, and your bridesmaids to an afternoon of fun.
  • Don’t forget to incorporate stepparents into the ceremony or reception in some way. Ask if they’d like to do a reading at the ceremony or prayer at the reception.
  • Don’t waste too much time on the formal photography after the ceremony, which will cause you to arrive late at the reception. Completing formal shots with the bridal party prior to the ceremony is a huge time saver.
  • Don’t seat divorced parents at the same table during the banquet as this could cause some uneasiness. Use good judgment, but asking those involved beforehand is best.
  • Don’t seat older guests near deafening speakers being used by the D.J. or band.
  • Don’t forget to confirm with the various hired vendors that tax and gratuities are included in the quoted price. Otherwise, you may receive a substantially – and unexpected – higher price for services rendered.
  • Don’t ignore some of the finer details. Find out beforehand what song your parents chose for their first dance when they became husband and wife and, after your first dance at the reception, make a request of the D.J. to play your parents’ song from their wedding.

Examining these points will hopefully offer a bit of insight to what should and should not be done and aid in shaping the organizing process. Of course, this is not an exhaustive compilation of the do’s and don’ts of wedding planning, but it is a collection of noteworthy ideas you may want to consider.

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