Adventure Weddings – Balloon and Helicopter Weddings over Lake Tahoe

Hot air balloon preparing to lift off over Lake TahoeIf you are an audacious couple looking to marry in a nontraditional way, an adventure wedding in the skies over Lake Tahoe could be the thrill you’re looking for. Joining in holy matrimony while floating graciously in a balloon at unthinkable heights or soaring daringly in a helicopter at electrifying speeds will certainly be an unprecedented wedding experience not easily forgotten.

If marrying in a hot air balloon has an appeal, saying “I do!” in the tranquil sky over Tahoe will occur at an altitude of over 9,000 feet. You’ll lift off at sunrise on the morning of your celebration, and once the cruising altitude has been reached, your nuptials will begin. Exchanging your vows and rings will transpire in what appears to be Heaven, serenity and bliss that’s inconceivable. And be ready for the amazing panoramic views that will extend from horizon to horizon.

Once your marriage is consummated, you’ll have the remainder of the balloon ride to celebrate as newlyweds, suspended gently in the atmosphere over the exquisite countryside. Your first dance will be one with nature, flowing only where the wind sanctions as you view the mountainous peaks of the Sierra Nevada Range, pristine lakes, the adjacent Carson Valley and beyond.

Helicopter adventure wedding

An alternate method available for having a wedding in the sky is in a private chartered helicopter. The rituals of the ceremony will take place while in flight above the Sierras and Lake Tahoe, exchanging rings and utterances of love while zipping through the air.

Once enunciated as husband and wife, it’s time to rejoice with a toast while enjoying the aerial view of the amazing scenery below. You’ll see the falls of Emerald Bay, scores of colossal summits, and a 72 mile circumferential shoreline of sheer beauty. The magnificence of the sights will vastly add to the excitement of your adventurous day.

An aerial view of the shoreline of Tahoe

The pronouncement of your unification nearly two miles high while floating serenely in a basket or whizzing with ferocity in a helicopter is by no means your ordinary, everyday wedding. More accurately, it’s one which can be characterized as an aberrant way to walk down the aisle of wedlock. An in-fight wedding is an adventure of extraordinaire, and for those aspiring such an escapade, Tahoe makes it all possible. To say the least, uniting in marriage in a helicopter or balloon among the clouds is irrefutably an outlandish way to marry, but it is nevertheless a fascination for a number of couples who wish to begin their lives together in an unequaled way.

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For the less valiant bride and groom who prefer to have a wedding with their feet on the ground, traditional weddings take place on the beaches throughout Lake Tahoe. Visit our website at for some super places to marry and to get additional information about Tahoe weddings.

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