Destination Tahoe – The Allure of a Lake Tahoe Wedding

An attractive ceremony setting in Lake TahoeThere’s a superfluity of destination wedding points around the globe that pose an incredible draw for an immeasurable scale of wedding hopefuls, and one such spot is a small town that resides in the midst of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in Northern California dubbed Lake Tahoe. For many brides and grooms, the allure of a Lake Tahoe wedding begins with an irresistible fascination that’s attributable to the diverse assortment of ceremony venues in conjunction with the untold number of festive places for post-nuptial merriments. The awe-inspiring beauty of the vast mountainous landscape and the exceptionalism of the largest alpine lake in North America are a few other delights that elicit incentive for a ceremonial endeavor at this mesmerizing locale.

The legendary bluff over the bay

One electrifying setting for a Lake Tahoe wedding that serves as a conjugal invitation is located on the southwestern edge of the lake. High on a precipice several hundred feet above the water lies the bluff of Emerald Bay. Popular for its panoramic exhibition of the extensive multi-colored mere, this appreciated setting is one of a kind. The nearby waterfall and the encasing Sierras that display their hoisted peaks are just some of the preferential attributes that promote the site’s appeal.

A very similar environment that procures substantial scrutiny is found opposite of Emerald Bay along the southeast shore. Nested in a rocky mountainside is a niche consisting of an overlook of splendor, rendering the vista of Logan Shoals a perfect place for a small, intimate ceremony. The attraction rivals its counterpart of the west, and though it is less traveled the outcrop is considered a diamond in the rough.

View from the gondola area overlooking the city

For the bride and groom who desire their feet in the sand, Tahoe has an ample amount of provocative waterside venues with supreme sights no less magnificent than those on the bluff over the bay. Zephyr Cove and Sand Harbor are only two spots of numerous beaches situated along the shoreline that will more than suffice for a very special and amorous occasion. Or, if preferred, in contrast to a lakeside ritual, a mountaintop wedding is possible at Heavenly Mountain Resort. The Blue Sky Terrace is a place where your walk down the aisle occurs at elevated heights in excess of 9,000 feet and comprises a vision from horizon to horizon. The observation deck is another attractive hilltop matrimonial venue the resort offers that generates inducement.

The riverboat cruising on the lake

After consummation of your marriage, Tahoe has quite an influence on newlyweds who wish to continue the romantic quest. A scenic trip aboard the well-known paddle wheel riverboat, the MS Dixie, is an exploratory and stimulating spree. Or, for an edifying step back in time, exploration of neighboring Virginia City’s legendary ghost town is always an indulgence. Experiencing a romantic candlelit spread while viewing the shimmering city lights in a fanciful cuisine atop one of Tahoe’s finest hotels or enjoying your favorite wine while soothing in the sauna of your honeymoon suite are two more attractions of the endless things accessible to the newly married.

The idealistic characteristics inherent of this glorious place emphatically create a lure, disclosing the contributory motivations of why many couples desire a Lake Tahoe wedding. The enticement of the alpine township can justifiably be overwhelming because it truly is a magical place, one of which the duo can earnestly enjoy as they begin their new lives together as one.

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